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Dying Light: The Following "thank you" to fans, free to Season Pass holders

Producer on creating DLC as big as the main game, and what you can expect from the drivable dune buggy.

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The Following, the latest DLC for first-person parkour zombie survival title Dying Light, will be a free download for players who've paid for the Season Pass, even though it wasn't initially planned to be.

That's the word from game producer Tymon Smektala when we caught up with him at Gamescom after playing the game ourselves, who says the DLC in part is in reply to fan feedback and requests.

"It's a huge thank you note to those guys," he explains, touching upon the drivable dune buggy that is one the DLC's headlines. "The countryside is as big as the base game, so there's plenty of space to drive around."

"You can upgrade that buggy to make it more of a killing machine," he continues, outlining how the machine will have its own skill tree of sorts.
"You can install spikes, UV lights, electrical cages...and being a co-op game you can customise your buggy visually. You can change the colours, you can change the patterns on it."

While you'll have to take good care of it ("you have to repair it. You always have to know where it is and if you lose it, you have to do some things to make it come back"), there's good reason to: the team's built in a lot of fun things to do.

"There'll be a lot of co-op challenges dedicated to buggy driving, so people who loved games like Carmageddon or this very old off-road driving game called Insane... people who love that will love what we've done with The Following."

And you don't have to wait to finish the main game to play, as you can drop in any time, and you character progression - and the new weapons in The Following - can be brought back into the city.

While there's plenty to talk about with the DLC, Smektala remains tight-lipped about what's next. "We've a lot of ideas about what we can do with the Dying Light IP, but for now we're focusing on The Following."

And is that it for this release once it launches? "If it's the end of our season pass?" He ponders for a second. "I'm not telling."

Check out the full interview below, and read up our hands-on impressions here.

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