Dying Light

Dying Light celebrates fourth anniversary and 16 million players

Double XP event and in-game giveaways headed to the parkour-heavy Techland developed action game.

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Techland's parkour-heavy, zombie-infested action game Dying Light is celebrating its fourth anniversary and an impressive 16 million players to date with a fancy new event. The first-person game had players kill undead back in 2015 and has kept players interested since launch, reaching almost 16 million unique players in 2019. For this reason, and the game having been out in the wild for four years, Techland is launching an in-game event, giving players double XP for their efforts as well as giving away previously unavailable legacy items such as the Rocket League Buggy skin.

Techland CEO, Pawel Marchewka, told fans: "The last four years have brought not only Dying Light, but also the whole company to a whole new level - our development and publishing teams have grown in people whose passion directly shows in our games" and continued with "Those talented team members and our dedicated community are a huge part of Techland's DNA and have inspired us to keep Dying Light alive and running for so long."

Are you among the 16 million players?

Dying Light

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