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Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 plunges you into "Modern Dark Ages"

Lead game designer Tymon Smektala told us about the setting and story at Gamescom, removing technology from the world.

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Techland has just released a video of the extended gameplay demo from E3, and at Gamescom we talked with lead game designer Tymon Smektala about the story we can expect to see in this undead sequel.

"So for Dying Light 2 we have created this completely new, unique setting which we call the Modern Dark Ages," he said. "The idea here is that civilisation has gone back to Medieval times because of the apocalypse, because civilisation has fallen, because there are no governments - we have lost access to technology. So you can see a modern city, but it is kept running by Medieval means, let's say."

"What would happen if the whole civilisation has fallen? What would happen if the whole civilisation has basically disintegrated? And now how would we rebuild the world without access to technology and all the modern things we are used to?"

The story (set 15 years after the first game) is vital to the experience as well, as Smektala continues:

"The important thing about Dying Light 2 is that we call it a narrative sandbox, and what we mean by that is that you make choices as you play the game - mostly to narrative but not only - and those choices change the narratives, meaning how the story flows but also the world around you, the whole sandbox space of the game."

We also hear in the interview about the protagonist and his story, as well as the various endings to the game, as you can see below.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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