Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 developers respond to microtransaction backlash

A classic case of "we hear you, but we're going to keep this bad idea in anyways."

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Dying Light 2 recently caught a lot of flak online when its latest update introduced Dying Light points, an in-game currency that cost real money and is used to buy cosmetic bundles, and other small items in-game.

The annoying thing is, you get 500 DL points for free, and yet a lot of items in the shop cost 550 points, meaning you've then got to spend real money. It's a cheap tactic, one gamers have had enough of, and have since review bombed the game on Steam.

In response, Techland has responded over on Twitter/X, saying that "we are gathering your feedback and hear your concerns. As far as we understand, a big part of the frustration stems from the pricing of the bundles and the resulting leftover DL Points."

"To figure out this issue, we've already started working on a couple of solutions proposed by the community. For example, we're reviewing the mechanics of adding an option to purchase individual items from the existing bundles. This way, if you have any spare DL Points, you could spend them on different bundles. Why not use Michonne's Katana while cosplaying a chicken? Still, that will not happen overnight, as it'll take the devs some time to rework the system."

Still, this hasn't won over the community, as many are just calling for this idea to be scrapped. It does seem like a misstep for Dying Light 2, a game that had until now been received very positively by gamers and critics alike.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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