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Dustborn shakes off the dust at Gamescom 2023

Red Thread's title reappears at the German gaming event presenting its genre fusion and characters.

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It's been a long time since we last heard about the mysterious Dustborn, the game that mixes a narrative with elaborate characters, the rhythm of music and combat against robots that now control New America. In fact, you could say it's five games in one, or at least that's how director Ragnar Tørnquist described it.

"There are lots of different game modes, and sometimes I feel like we've just taken on too much", the creative told us during a recent interview. "We have the storytelling, the narrative, the character relationships, the music minigame, the combat, and there's stuff that we haven't even showed you yet."


The story of Dustborn takes place in an alternate version of the United States called New America, which takes place ten years in the future. Our group of characters travels through the West Coast in California, which here is called Pacifica. "And you learn more about the background of this universe, a world where words have power, where the main character is able to use language in a way that affects other people."

Of course, the title still leaves us with a lot of intrigue as to how these genres will be blended into a single playable proposition, but we can't deny that, with what we've seen so far, we can't wait to get our teeth into Dustborn when it comes to PC.


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