Duracell sponsors Gareth Bale's Ellevens Esports team

Co-owned by the Spurs star, the battery manufacturer will be the first official sponsor for the esports team.

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The first official sponsor for Gareth Bale's newly announced esports team, Ellevens Esports, has been revealed to be none other than battery manufacturer, Duracell. The sponsorship will see the team's in-game FIFA 21 shirts decorated with Duracell logos, and will be promoted through a series of in-game events and digital initiatives set to begin later this month.

"We know gaming is fast becoming the most popular form of entertainment, not just in the UK, but around the world," said Luke Anderson, Marketing Manager at Duracell UK & Ireland. "Our data so far this year indicates a sizable increase in battery purchases, in part driven by an increase in the usage of wireless video game controllers during the same period. This tells us there is a clear role for Duracell and our batteries to play in giving gamers better gaming experiences."

The sponsorship is also set to give Duracell in-game perimeter boards in Football Manager 21, and likewise Duracell do still intend to continue as an exclusive OEM partner with Xbox for the Xbox Series X launch window.

Do you think Duracell makes a good partner for the Gareth Bale co-owned esports team?


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