Dungeons & Dragons new Dungeon Master's Guide cover revealed

An army of the undead is heading your way.

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As we edge ever closer to a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, we're constantly getting more looks at what the books, rules, and more will look like. Now, for all the Dungeon Masters out there, we have finally got a look at the new cover art for the Dungeon Master's Guide.

As with the 5e DM's Guide, undead take the forefront, and you might recognise the three characters on the cover from the 80s cartoon series based on Dungeons & Dragons. Granted, the characters at the front are meant to look a lot more intimidating than cartoons.

Speaking to The Mirror, D&D head of art Josh Herman said that the cover "is all about Villains and showing the amazing toolkit that DMs get to play with...we have multiple layers of villains and monsters on this cover."

Soon, we'll see a Monster Manual and Player's Handbook to round out these three starting books for the new edition. Check out the cover art in full below:

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Dungeons & Dragons new Dungeon Master's Guide cover revealed
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