Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The latest collaboration brings various fantasy looks to Bungie's looter-shooter.

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The next big Destiny 2 collaboration has been unveiled. Following up to Mass Effect and The Witcher this year (and a smaller Ghostbusters crossover too), Dungeons & Dragons will be the next big brand debuting in Bungie's looter-shooter.

The collaboration will be debuting on June 4, the same day that Destiny 2: The Final Shape arrives, and will include a variety of cosmetics related to the fantasy world. This will include a Gold Dragon Apex Draconic set of armour ornaments for Titans, a Mind-Flayers-inspired Flayer's Dominion set for Warlocks, and a Displacer Beast-themed Spectral Displacer set for Hunters.

There will also be a ship, and Owlbear Sparrow, an Eye Tyrant Ghost shell, and a few other goodies like emotes as part of the Adventurer's Pack Bundle too. Check out the trailer showcasing all of this below.


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