Dungeons and Dragons announces new book, Candlekeep Mysteries

The book will be packed with stories from up-and-coming designers.

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Dungeons and Dragons has decided to start off their calendar year with a bang, by announcing a new book featuring a whole range of stories by up-and-coming designers. The Candlekeep Mysteries is a selection of short stories, built in a way to create shorter, light-hearted campaigns that each feature a little mystery.

The book will feature a total of 17 mystery-themed stories from a collection of new authors, each centred around a strange magical book that was found in an iconic library fortress. Each campaign is designed to be played as a one-shot story (i.e. within one play session), and has been designed in a way to be played both in-person or digitally.

"I got my start in the gaming industry by writing short D&D adventures," said Chris Perkins, Principal Story Designer for Dungeons & Dragons. "I'm grateful to be able to work on a product that gives other authors the same opportunity. The adventures in this anthology reflect the incredible creativity of the D&D community."

The book itself will launch on March 16 for a price of $49.95, with a special cover by Clint Cearley, and will also be available in game stores with a different cover designed by Simen Meyer.

Dungeons and Dragons announces new book, Candlekeep Mysteries

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