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DullenMike becomes youngest ever FUT Champions Cup winner

The German player took home the trophy this past weekend while toppling some big names in the process.

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In the FIFA 18 competitive season player Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt made headlines after winning the FUT Champions Cup competition in Barcelona because of his young age, being 16 at the time, but almost exactly a year after Barcelona another young prodigy has emerged on the FIFA scene.

In fact, 16-year-old German player DullenMike is actually the youngest Champions Cup winner ever after taking home the trophy this past weekend, defeating fellow German Niklas Raseck on the road to victory before beating Hasan Eker in the grand final.

DullenMike had impressed throughout the weekend, scoring a wondergoal with Shoya Nakajima, and as for F2Tekkz, he bowed out of the competition in the Xbox finals against Raseck. Fellow Brit Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing also didn't get past the group of 16, along with Rogue's successful player Mossad 'MSdossary' Aldossary.

Can DullenMike lift a lot more titles?

Photo: EA

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