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World War Z

Dronemasters and grenade launchers shake up World War Z

The latest free update to Saber Interactive's World War Z adds PS4 players to the crossplay pool.

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The PlayStation 4 players can now play together with the survivors of World War Z on Xbox One and PC, we learned earlier this week. With the latest update, Saber Interactive extends the crossplay feature to the entire PvE area, so gamers no longer have a disadvantage on Sony's latest console system. However, the new Dronemaster update has even more in store as another class comes into play.

The drone master is now available as a new, playable class on all platforms. Saber Interactive describes the class as versatile because its drone can stun zombies if they get too close. The drone can be further customized to serve different purposes: it can either be used aggressively or adapt to the situation in order to help the team. Another addition is the mini grenade launcher "ACW-20" that you can put in your pocket (we recommend not doing so). The whole thing is rounded off with four new skins, that are free to season pass buyers and owners of the GOTY edition.


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