Far Cry 5

Drew Holmes on exploring Far Cry 5's dangerous mountains

"How does the player help take America back from this evil cult?"

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We talked to lead writer Drew Holmes about Far Cry 5 during E3, and naturally, one of the first things we discussed was a Montana setting that has proved a little controversial.

"It had everything that Far Cry is," Holmes told us about the setting after the team visited it. "It's mountains, it's exploration, it's a little bit dangerous, the people who live there are very self-reliant, right, and don't like people sort of infringing on what they believe or what they want to do: that's Far Cry for us."

A good setting means nothing without an entertaining villain to go up against, and the fifth core entry in the Far Cry series certainly looks to have that.

"It became: 'what's a bad guy, what's a villain that would feel natural in this space?' And that's when we started to do some research on cults and militias, and that's where we built The Project at Eden's Gate, which is this doomsday prepper cult that believes that the end of the world is coming.

"And the player-character as a rookie deputy thrust into this situation when all hell breaks loose. It's about building a resistance of the people that are under the oppression of this cult, and how do we take back this land? How does the player help take America back from this evil cult?"

For more on this next entry in the series check out the full interview below. Far Cry 5 is heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 27.

Far Cry 5Far Cry 5Far Cry 5

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