The Wild Robot

DreamWorks' next film sees a robot trapped on an uninhabited island

The Wild Robot comes to cinemas in September.

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We love adorable animated robots. Wall-E, Big Hero 6, Ron's Gone Wrong, these are just a few examples of movies that see animated robots at the forefront. This September, another film fitting this bill will be making its arrival, when The Wild Robot comes to cinemas.

This film is about a robot that finds itself trapped on an uninhabited island where it must learn to adapt to the brutal surroundings and develop relationships with the animals that call the island home. Needless to say, with environmental catastrophes and a whole cast of adorable creatures to associate with, this looks like it could be a bit of a heart-wrencher.

The movie stars a broad cast too, including the likes of Pedro Pascal, Stephanie Hsu, Lupita Nyong'o, Catherine O'Hara, Bill Nighy, Ving Rhames, and Mark Hamill, and to learn more about the film ahead of its premiere date on September 20, 2024, you can find the trailer and synopsis below.

Synopsis: "The epic adventure follows the journey of a robot—ROZZUM unit 7134, "Roz" for short — that is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island and must learn to adapt to the harsh surroundings, gradually building relationships with the animals on the island and becoming the adoptive parent of an orphaned gosling."

The Wild Robot

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