Dreams' Early Access period closes on December 8

We don't know a date for the full release yet, but Media Molecule has a few things left to polish, with players still able to buy it now.

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January 26 is a date to remember for Dreams fans, as Media Molecule's communications manager Abbie Heppe has announced that this is when the first awards are taking place, celebrating the work of Early Access players.

The categories can be seen below, and there are plenty to choose from when nominations open on December 9 (the ones with asterisks are voted by the community):

  • Creator of the Year

  • Dream of the Year

  • Best Visuals

  • Best Narrative

  • Best Sculpture

  • Best Song

  • Best Animation

  • Best Gameplay

  • Best Curator

  • Best Character

  • Best Sound Design

  • Best Voice Acting

  • Funniest Creation

  • The "Awww-ard' (Oh wow, it's SO cute)

  • Most Improved Dreamer

  • Hidden Gem Creator*

  • Hidden Gem Dream*

  • The Wish-I-Had-Thought-Of-That Award*

  • Community Star*

  • Most Helpful Dreamer*

  • Favourite Streamer*

Shortlists will be published in January and votes collected, with those not chosen by the community judged by developers and special guests.

What does this mean for Early Access though? Well, the last date you can purchase Early Access is on December 8 at 23:59 GMT, and anyone who bought the game by this date can still play after this time and will upgrade to the full version for no extra cost.

That said, Media Molecule has been collecting feedback and polishing the game, and the full release is coming soon, although we don't have a solid launch date. Some of the work done includes adding a non-motion control scheme, more tutorials, improving features like the Homespace, and more.

"There is still a tiny bit of time to join the fun in Early Access before it closes but if you prefer to wait for launch we'll be just as excited to welcome you into the Dreamiverse then," Heppe adds.

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