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Drake now owns Pharrel Williams' gold PSP worth almost $20,000

Now this is a real flex.

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Pharrel Williams has previously been known to custom order a 14-carat Blackberry and after that he bought a gold-plated custom PSP in 2008, also made with 14-carat gold. But the inflation and electric bills are seemingly tough on celebrities as well, and now it was time to sell it. The auction reached the final price of $19,375.

Thanks to the gold it weighs 660 grams which is more than double the weight of a regular PSP at 280 grams, and with its custom designed shell from Maison Goyard it is exclusive to say the least. Who bought it at auction isn't officially announced, but Drake spent several million dollars at Pharrel Williams' auction and you can see that Pharrel's gold-plated PSP appears on Drake's music video for Jumbotron Shit Poppin at 00:50 and in close-up at 01:29.

What is your stance on gold plated electronics; cool or tacky?

Drake now owns Pharrel Williams' gold PSP worth almost ,000

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