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Teamfight Tactics

Dragons invade Teamfight Tactics in Dragonlands, the brand new set

Riot Games is on fire. The release of the new set of Teamfight Tactics is just around the corner, with Dragons as the main attraction.

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Dragonlands will be the seventh set of Teamfight Tactics. After the success of Gizmos & Gadgets, especially with the great amount of content included in the mid-season patch 6.5 Neon Nights, the company has decided to spread their wings with the introduction of Dragons. This set includes new champions, innovative traits and mechanics such as Treasure Dragon that will bring plenty of changes to the game. Over the last week we have been able to talk to the developers and test an early version and we can say it looks really nice.

The main feature of the set is the addition of Dragons to the game. This unique trait will allow you to choose between seven different champions to build your team and (literally) burn your enemies. Their cost ranges from eight to ten gold, and just like the Colossus in Set 6, you will need two slots in the arena in order to place a Dragon champion. Besides, you will only be able to place one dragon per fight if you want to obtain the benefits of the Dragon trait. In exchange, they grant more synergies and have more power than the other characters. Believe me, I've experienced first hand what it is to fight against Aurelion Sol with good items and it's... tough.

Teamfight Tactics

So, with these creatures being so strong, is it possible to build your team without a Dragon? This was one of the main questions during the testing of the set. According to Riot Mortdog (lead designer), there are plenty of builds that do not require a Dragon, but they are more difficult to figure out, so the players will have to investigate and explore other possibilities. For instance, the Scalescorn trait is the counter of Dragons. If you combine these champions and you don't have a Dragon in your build, you will get reduced damage from the most powerful enemies (guess who are these enemies).

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As for the new synergies and character combinations, Riot has managed to bring some quite interesting, engaging and fun to play features to the table. The new traits open the door to a world of possibilities. For example, Jade, which includes champions like Ashe, Karma or Neeko, allows you to place three statues all over the board to heal and grant attack speed to the members of your team. Dragonmancer, on the other hand, gives you an item that increases the attributes of one of your characters (you just have to try Swain, it's crazy), while Shimmerscale provides you with upgraded objects so that your carries can destroy the enemy team.

However, the traits I found more surprising were Guild and Astral. Each Guild member will bring a bonus to your team. For example, Twitch increases your team's attack speed, while Sejuani gives a bonus of health to all your champions. As for Astral, every fifth shop you will get increased odds to get Astral champions and you will also be granted an Astral orb with gold and the chance to get Aurelion Sol (the Astral Dragon). This is basically a hyper roll comp with the focus on getting as many level three champions as possible. Other traits, such as Tempest, Ragewing and Mirage are also worth mentioning, as they bring unique features to TFT.

Teamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics

There are also new features that affect not only the gameplay, but also the pacing of the games. One of them has to do with the raptors being removed from round 4-7. Instead, at this point of the game we will have the Treasure Dragon, a new implementation where we will be able to choose between different items and gold. The idea is that, at this point of the game, you should be able to face the late phase with your build almost completed and eliminate the randomness of the items provided in the PvE encounters. In fact, this new feature is really interesting, as it works like a shop where you will be able to roll for one gold if you don't like the items you got. Augments are also maintained in this set, as demanded by the community, and they come with a broader variety of choices and unique features. It will be very interesting to see how the players face the late game phase from now on.

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Related to skins and cosmetics, Riot Games has confirmed that there will be a great number of Tacticians and Arenas related to the set's main topic. These range from fearsome to lovely Dragons. Developers also pointed out that they will be expanding the universe of TFT and incorporating content from other games like Valorant and Wild Rift, and not only from League of Legends. Besides, they are open to create more content of their own. In fact, four out of the seven Dragons are brand new, they are exclusive of Teamfight Tactics. These new Dragons are Daeja, Idas, Sy'fen and Shi Oh Yu. They also included Ao Shin, the iconic League of Legends frustrated champion, which ended up transforming into Aurelion Sol.

Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics

In short, this set is full of new content. Dragons, cosmetics, new traits, changes in the game dynamics and plenty of combinations that the players will surely enjoy. Starting tomorrow, you can test the set in the PBE server, and it will be released in early June. By the way, Yasuo mains players will be more than happy, as the iconic character is returning to TFT not only as a Chibi, but also as a five gold token ready to carry your team and ruin his opponent's games just like in League of Legends.

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