Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma II has exceeded Capcom's internal sales expectations

The company has released a profit review for the current fiscal year, and part of the success is due to the fantasy RPG sequel.

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Dragon's Dogma II is one of the biggest releases of the year (even if its launch was not without controversy). Fortunately, Capcom was able to respond quickly to fan concerns, and the quality of the game did the rest to make it a bestseller.

In fact, Dragon's Dogma 2 has exceeded the company's internal expectations, and Capcom has announced an upward revision of its profit forecast for the current fiscal year. Good news indeed for the company, which also claims to be one of the most highly rated companies in Japan by its own employees.

The statement also puts it down to good sales of Street Fighter 6 and previous instalments of the popular series. The official transcript reads:

"In our core digital content business, in addition to Street Fighter 6, the latest title in the Street Fighter series, which has been well received around the world, Dragons Dogma 2 was released in the fourth quarter and has performed favourably. In addition, sales of back catalogue titles, which mainly consist of older titles in the main series, grew due to their continued popularity. Taken together, this has led us to expect profits from this business to exceed our plan."

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Dragon's Dogma 2

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