Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt

Sophie has been hunting all across the land for what might be the most popular character in the world of Dragon Age. Let's go for a Witch Hunt, with Morrigan as our prey.

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It's been a year since I stood together with my beloved, my future king, and prepared for death. The Archdemon was going to be killed for the survival of Ferelden, and I couldn't let anyone else take that responsibility. It felt terrible that my long journey would end without any glamour, that me and my king wouldn't be allowed to live happily ever after.

Then came the suggestion. That if I could let me husband bond physically with her, I wouldn't have to worry about death. Driven by a will to live, I talked Alistair into spending the night with Morrigan. He thought I was joking, of course, but it gave me a chance to live. I killed the Archdemon, I got my king, but Morrigan disappeared. I have many times wondered where she went, what happened to the child that she and Alistair supposedly created that night. Many questions without answers...until now.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt is a two hour long DLC pack that, in theory, is supposed to tie up all the loose ends and answer all those questions you might have surrounding Morrigan and her disappearance - no matter if it was before or after the death of the Archdemon she took off. The journey begins at Flemeth's small cabin and ends in a familiar place - if you've played the only "real" expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, that is.

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The problem with Witch Hunt isn't that it's short. It just doesn't feel as cohesive, or tight, as for example Golems of Amgarrak. It feels as if Bioware planned for a longer adventure for us to hunt down the final answers from Morrigan, but somehow realized that they wouldn't be able to finish it for whatever reasons.

For example we get to meet two new companions, the elf Ariane and the magician Finn. Both of the feel like good and well-written characters, but when the end credits for Witch Hunt rolls on my TV I can't in any way recall any real reason why they were in there to begin with. Of course they have their roles in the plot, since the story is written around them, but it feels as if though they are portrayed as more important than they really are and then they are abandoned like a pair of old toys. So much more could have been done with them.

Dragon Age: Origins

Then there's that detail about finding the final answers when we finally meet up with Morrigan. Well, that was the idea at least, no? My main character was a female Cousland who used to be pretty good friends with Morrigan. Morrigan was allowed to do her ritual with Alistair and then simply left. My Cousland has done more or less everything in Dragon Age: Origins, but funnily enough there's a bug that still plagues the console versions of the game which renders every choice I've ever done moot. So when I finally catch up with my prey, she is angry and annoyed with me and I find out absolutely nothing about her intentions. End credits roll.

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Frustrated and annoyed, I load my other character. My male Amell was faithful to Morrigan and did everything she wanted. I gave her her mirror, her mother's book and gave Flemeth a visit in her name. He even gave her some sexy time before killing the Archdemon. Amell hasn't done any adventuring since Dragon Age: Origins but look at that - new dialogue alternatives pop up! Morrigan is still vague and won't give me any straight answers.

Dragon Age: Origins

If I had a lot of questions about Morrigan's plans before Witch Hunt, the DLC has only added a couple of new ones and I haven't received anything that can be called an answer. I've received a warning that Flemeth is the one I should look out for, but that's not really any news. That old hag will be dealt with, sooner or later.

I can't say that I'm very satisfied with Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt. Bioware paints a picture of this being the "final mission" for my Warden and that we'll "confront Morrigan in this dramatic conclusion to the Origins storyline." I can't really say that I feel any form of epic conclusion when I try to pry the answers from Morrigan. But perhaps that's the way Bioware wants it, vague and open for the future. We'll probably get our answers. Sooner or later.

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