Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 will be shown at The Game Awards

Will we finally see gameplay and get some real details?

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We haven't exactly been overloaded with more information about the game since the next Dragon Age was unveiled at The Game Awards in 2018. Sure, we got some of EA's classic in-engine footage four months ago, but that was just teasing. Fortunately, we won't have to wait for 2021 to get more.

Bioware hasn't just decided to celebrate Dragon Age Day by publishing four neat short stories (The Next One by Bryanna Battye, Ruins of Reality by John Dombrow, The Wake by Mary Kirby and Minrathous Shadows by Sheryl Chee), but also confirm that we'll get a new "special look" at what we'll just call Dragon Age 4 for the time being at The Game Awards next week. The show will start at 12AM GMT/1AM CET on December 11, so those of you who want to see Solas again should prepare for a long and interesting night.

Dragon Age 4

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