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Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 has likely been through "a redesign phase"

Former Bioware man Mike Laidlaw opened up about the project.

Late last year Mike Laidlaw left Bioware and his most recent project, the unannounced Dragon Age 4, which he helped direct and write (as we reported), and now six months later he seems eager to talk about his experiences at the studio and the yet-to-be-announced fourth Dragon Age iteration.

According to the director, who spoke at the Game Developers Conference last week, EA was looking for more developers for their sci-fi action game Anthem and therefore took their new staff assignments to him. Facing the new, much smaller team made him realise how unlikely it was for the planned content to hit its deadline, and at the same time Laidlaw saw an opportunity to leave the studio and face different challenges without making too much trouble, so he took the chance.

"Very likely they went through a redesign phase, that's pretty normal. And I've heard reboot, but I'm not sure what that means contextually," the former Bioware executive explained. "I would find it unlikely to be a new Star Trek kind of thing. It's more likely that the existing plans will be re-examined in light of existing leadership."

Are you still eagerly awaiting a fourth Dragon Age game?

Dragon Age 4

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