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Dr Disrespect banned from E3 and Twitch after bathroom stunt

It's illegal to film in bathrooms in California and that's exactly what the Twitch star did at E3.

Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm has built up a huge following thanks to his extensive livestreaming on the Twitch platform, and at times he has proven to be quite the confrontational character. In this instance, the streamer has got himself a ban for filming himself in the toilets at the LA Convention Center, which also happens to be the venue for E3.

As a result of this stunt, Dr Disrespect has been banned from the event itself (his badge was revoked) and has also been banned from Twitch too. It's not clear whether he'll get back into the Convention Center during this year's E3, but it's extremely likely that the Twitch ban is only a temporary one (as is often the case on that platform).

Beahm, who was on-site doing a series of IRL streams, decided to venture into the bathrooms at the LACC with his cameraman in tow, an illegal act that subsequently caused his Twitch ban as streaming such acts is against the platform's community guidelines.

Dr Disrespect banned from E3 and Twitch after bathroom stunt

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