Double-up your display with Razer's Blade 16 Mercury Edition

We've got our hands on the laptop on the latest episode of Quick Look.

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As part of the latest episode of Quick Look, we've got our mitts on yet another Blade laptop from Razer. This isn't just any kind of laptop however, as this is the Mercury Edition of the latest Blade 16, which is a very powerful device that also offers a couple of display choices.

What exactly do we mean by that, you ask? The Mercury Edition of the Blade 16 features a dual UHD+/FHD+ Mini-LED panel that can seamlessly and easily switch between the two options to suit the task at hand. Using the powerful components under the hood, including a GeForce RTX 4080 and a 13th Gen i9 Intel CPU, you can get either high quality visuals or higher frame rate graphics at a lower graphical detail.

To learn more about the Blade 16 Mercury Edition, be sure to watch the latest episode of Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a bunch of facts and thoughts on the device.


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