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Psychonauts 2

Double Fine celebrates 20th anniversary with a new webpage and a letter

It's filled with a whole bunch of kooky content.

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We love Double Fine and their quirky games just as much as anyone else. Currently, we're waiting for Psychonauts 2, which is going to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X this year after being announced back in 2015. Last week, we reported that the director and writer Tim Schafer has finished the script for the game, so it seems like chances are there won't be any delays.

But you can in fact enjoy some Double Fine humour starting today, as they have now launched a completely new website to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Normally, this wouldn't be big news, but as this is Double Fine, we've spent a good 30 minutes browsing weird videos, checking their huge archive of comics, looking at goofy images and reading some thoughts from Tim Schafer.

Head over to take a look. Schafer's thoughts about being purchased by Microsoft can be found under the image.

Psychonauts 2

"After two decades of going it alone as an independent studio, Double Fine started talking with Microsoft about the future. Yeah, that's right, the computer people. Turns out making games is weird, tricky and expensive, and eventually it's like "wow, it would be great to keep doing this, but also feel a bit more secure, wouldn't it?.

They agreed to let us hang around with them in return for some sweet, sweet games, and so Double Fine is now part of the Xbox Games Studios. That means that we're basically best friends with Master Chief and those cool folks who made Fallout New Vegas.

It's a new chapter, one where we are thinking less about how to secure funding, and instead we can focus on making games, in a supportive environment that will allow us more creative freedom than we've ever had before. Whatever comes next, we promise that it will be full of the fun and exciting things that you've come to expect from the gang at Double Fine Productions. Here's to the next 20 years!"

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