River City Girls 2

Double Dragon is joining River City Girls 2

Jimmy and Billy Lee are about to join the battle, and we're officially interested.

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The fans have been begging and bugging and finally Wayforward has managed to deliver what so many have asked for; the Double Dragon duo Jimmy and Billy Lee will make a guest appearance in River City Girls 2. In the press release from Wayforward we can read:

"Originally debuting in the 1987 smash-hit Double Dragon arcade game, Billy and Jimmy Lee have been two of the most requested playable characters in River City Girls 2 since the game's debut. The twin brothers jump into action as distinctive fighters, each with a bone-shattering arsenal of punches, kicks, throws, and special attacks, including trademark moves from their past adventures, such as the spinning cyclone kick, rising knee, and much more."

Unfortunately, we don't have a date for when they will appear, other than that it will happen "soon". Check out the teaser video below.


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