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Dota 2

Dota: Dragon's Blood has seemingly increased the pick rate of the Dragon Knight in Dota 2

The win rate for the Dragon Knight hasn't really seen an impact, however.

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The latest Netflix video game adaptation, Dota: Dragon's Blood released just a few days ago, and while we didn't exactly think it was the best offering the streaming platform has available (check out our review here), the show does seem to have found its place within the Dota 2 community.

As reported by PCGamesN, DotaBuff (a stat tracking site for the MOBA) has noted that the Dragon Knight pick rate has gone up quite significantly since the launch of the series. And, for those who haven't checked out the show just yet, the main character Davion is a Dragon Knight in the show.

The pick rate for the character is currently at 8.79%, which is down from its recent peak of 9.20%, and while it might seem quite a small number, before the show released on March 24, the pick rate for the Dragon Knight was a measly 7.23%. The interesting part about the rise in interest in the character is that the win rate for the Dragon Knight hasn't seen much of an impact at all - it's actually at a recent peak of 51.9% right now.

The launch of Dota: Dragon's Blood hasn't exactly made a huge impact on the Dota player count, although it has recently been seeing some spikes in activity over the past few days. So, maybe people have finished watching the show and decided to give the game a go.

Dota 2

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