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Doom's Chex Quest mod to get a HD remake

Cereal promotion mod set for a return.

A mod for Doom that was designed to promote Chex cereal is returning for a HD remake, Chex Quest's artist Charles Jacobi has confirmed. The game has an enduring popularity with fans, spawning a number of sequels and still has an active community to this day.

It comes as no surprise that it's getting a HD remake on the Unreal Engine 4, then. Jacobi said: "I've always kind of wondered about like 'Well, what would it be like if I just did a remake of the first one, but with a modern game engine?' And at my professional job, I use the new Unreal, Unreal 4, and I love it. It's a really powerful tool set, especially for content people...I don't necessarily need to be a programmer and I can build lots of functionality with it. So I've started building, basically, a high-def remake of the first one".

He also said that the project is more of a "hobby thing that I do on the side", so it might be a while yet till fans see the remake.


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