Doom soundtrack coming to vinyl and CD this summer

Tunes be dropping like demons.

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Vinyl records are enjoying an ongoing comeback these days, so it's no wonder that Laced Records partnered up with Bethesda Softworks to sell the Doom Original Game Soundtrack, with both special vinyl and CD editions coming in the summer. The soundtrack will be available in four formats:

Deluxe Double CD: Featuring a premium triple gatefold sleeve and available direct from Laced Records and participating retailers worldwide (RRP: $15.00)

Double LP: 180 gramm blood red vinyl with premium packaging, 20 favorite tracks selected by the developers themselves. Available direct from Laced Records and participating retailers worldwide (RRP: $35.00)

Special Edition X4LP: Cut at the legendary London Abbey Road Studios this four-disc vinyl set is encased within double hard slip cases and features premium printed inner sleeves with Doom artwork. Pressed on black vinyl it includes the full Doom soundtrack and is available to pre-order direct from Laced Records store and participating retailers worldwide (RRP: $80.00)

Special Limited Edition X4LP: The four-disc special edition is pressed on 180 gramm blood red vinyl and adds the Deluxe Double CD plus a custom turntable slipmat. The Special Edition is only available via pre-order for a 14-day window ending 2nd May 2018 direct from the Laced Records store only. (RRP: $100.00)

The OST was composed by long-time Bethesda collaborator Mick Gordon, and it plays out across 31 synth and metal-filled tracks, spanning over two hours of music. Fans can pre-order all editions of the soundtrack via the Laced Records.


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