Doom passes two million sales on Steam

Players seem to like the reboot.

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The Doom reboot was one of the most entertaining action experiences from last year, being well recieved by both media and gamers, and now it has reached yet another milestone as it has passed two million sold games on Steam. This was revealed thanks to the Steamspy tracker, which at the time of writing indicates around 2,070,000 sold games.

A NeogGAF user has shared some comparisons to better understand how this fares against other games. Previous Bethesda title Wolfenstein sold 1.6 million, for example, and Rage hit 1.4 million. It's still pretty far from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, however, which has sold 11.5 million games on Steam.

Other relevant sales numbers as comparisons are ARMA III at 3.4 million, Dying Light at 2 million, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at 1.1 million. Are you one of the two million people who have bought Doom on Steam?


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