Doom is being ported over to Switch by Panic Button

First impressions of the handheld version emerge.

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The fact that Doom (and Wolfenstein II) are coming to Nintendo Switch is great news for grown-up owners of the console. It demonstrates that this generation's triple-A games can make it onto the hybrid device, even if it means a little downgrade or creative use of the hard drive.

According to Digital Foundry, id Software developers are not porting the game themselves, instead, a studio called Panic Button has taken that responsibility (this is the same company that's in charge of the Switch version of Rocket League).

Bethesda recently invited Gamereactor, as well as other outlets, to try Doom on Nintendo's console. This is the very same game with the very same content and no extra loading points. Particles effect, anti-aliasing, depth of field, motion blur... all of the visual effects remain intact as well. It's still Doom.

The big debate is now with regards to resolution and frame-rate. When we got our hands on it Bethesda only let us play in portable mode, meaning that the Switch wasn't working at full power. In this mode the game runs at a stables 30pfs, but texture resolution was low. It probably features dynamic resolution in certain, more demanding sections, and viewing the graphics via the small screen certainly helped smooth over the rough edges.

It's worth noting that we didn't play the finished version of the game, and we've still to play it docked on a big screen. Doom is heading to Switch later this year, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is heading in the same direction in 2018.


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