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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two to launch tomorrow

The second DLC will see the Doom Slayer face off against the Dark Lord.

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Yesterday, we reported on the news about the full trailer for Doom Eternal's The Ancient Gods - Part Two being shown today. Well, it's out now, and amid showing a bunch of new great gameplay, the trailer also stated that the DLC would in fact be dropping tomorrow.

If the release timing for the teaser trailer and the actual trailer are anything to go by, we will hopefully be getting access to the second expansion at 2pm GMT / 3pm CET tomorrow, March 18 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia - Switch will see a later release date, as is the case with The Ancient Gods - Part One.

As for the full trailer for the expansion, you can check it out below to see the Doom Slayer wield a new type of Crucible weapon, fly on a dragon, and as you would hope, rip and tear through a whole bunch of demons.

To tie you over until the DLC releases, be sure to check out our thoughts on Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One here.

Doom Eternal

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