Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two is now available on Nintendo Switch

The expansion marks the conclusion of the Doom Slayer's Saga.

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Doom Eternal's The Ancient Gods - Part Two expansion has been out for quite a few months now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, but the DLC was taking its time coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Known as the conclusion of the Doom Slayer's Saga, the expansion picks up after Part One and sees the Doom Slayer mounting an all-out attack on the city of Immora, the vast fortress that the Dark Lord himself calls home. Needless to say, this expansion delivers on some pretty epic cinematic moments and of course serves up another helping on that iconic Doom action - you can even check our thoughts on the DLC here.

But, you might be wondering, when can Switch players dive into The Ancient Gods - Part Two? Well, right now. The expansion has officially launched on the platform, bringing Switch players in-line with the available released content on the other platforms. Check out the Switch release date trailer for the DLC below.

Doom Eternal

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