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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal - QuakeCon Impressions

QuakeCon showed us more of Hell on Earth, which looks to be more brutal than ever before.

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Developer id Software seems to have echoed the philosophy of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger with Doom Eternal, as the first-person bloodbath amplifies the experience of its predecessor with twice the amount of demons, the most powerful Doomguy ever, and more rapid methods of traversal.

At Quakecon 2018, we got to see a whole lot more of the upcoming title, a spectacle which was purposely absent from E3 and worked to bookend the opening keynote of Bethesda's annual showcase. Attending the event, we also got the opportunity to sit down with game director Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin to hear more about the upcoming FPS, and there's plenty to talk about.

Doomguy's all-new meat hook took a prominent focus within the gameplay reveal, and it appears to make the quick action much more fluid. Stratton told us that it can only be used to tether into the flesh of enemies - meaning that faster traversal is only possible when you're inflicting pain - and the crowd roared during the trailer as the slayer grappled himself towards an Imp and exploded its face with the super shotgun. Other methods of traversal were also teased here as we saw the player swing off a pipe and climb up walls, which all resulted in a constant ballet of destruction.

The gameplay trailer also saw a few more subtle reveals about the changes to combat and some of the new weapons that we can expect to see. We saw the aforementioned meat hook in action as the slayer threw it through the throats of demons and decapitated others in mid-air after tripping them up, but some old favourites are back too, including the shotgun, sticky mines, and assault rifles.

Doom EternalDoom Eternal

Melee has also received more of a focus this time. and the team revealed that they wished to make it more of a suitable alternative to gunplay. As Stratton put it: "Our team has spent a major focus making the feeling of a melee as impactful as using a gun." What's more is that demons are now destructible and will visually communicate the damage that you've inflicted on them, as chunks fly off with every bullet. We were shown stills of a Cacodemon that was missing parts of its flesh, horns, and even its eyeball after what we can presume was an intense firefight, for example, and this is said to be different for each enemy within the game.

Hugo Martin mentioned that your hero is only as powerful as the enemies he has to slay, and with the most powerful slayer featured within Eternal there has of course been many formidable beasts added to make him worthy of this illustrious title. The expansive roster of demons this time features both old and new faces and promises to be twice as large as that featured within Doom 2016, including one we got a glimpse of called the Marauder, which looks curiously similar to the Doomguy himself. The devs acknowledged this and teased that there would be some backstory present detailing the pair's identical appearance.

The Hell on Earth setting that first debuted at E3 took up the bulk of the showcase, and it looked incredible seeing such a relatable cityscape locale engulfed in flames, drenched in blood, and inhabited by many grotesque-looking demons. The footage showed the ID Tech 7 engine in full force here, which we were told could display seven times the detail of what the developer has been able to put on screen before.

It was also revealed that Doom Eternal would be taking players on a journey to places never seen before, but both Stratton and Martin both remained tight-lipped when pressed on the exact details of these locales. We did get a look at another level within the game though, and this was the human base in Photos, an area that was also playable within the 2016 game.

Doom EternalDoom Eternal
Doom EternalDoom Eternal
Doom EternalDoom EternalDoom Eternal