Doom creator John Romero on his new game Blackroom

PC shooter's campaign currently on pause as they concentrate on building the demo.

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At Gamelab 2016 we talked to Doom creator John Romero about his latest project with Night Work Games, Blackroom, and what fans can expect from the game in the future.

When we asked about his approach to the game, Romero said "well basically, [it's] trying to come up with a fiction in the game that no-one has seen before or experienced, and maximising that fiction beyond what I can even think about right now.

"It's like here's a really great place to start making a game and the way that it's going to turn out I can't even think about how it's going to turn out right now, but I know that it can be anything I can think of.

Romero continued: "So there's already a lot of design there but I know that while developing it that design's going to turn into something cooler and I don't want to limit what that is, like a pre-conceived design, right now. I don't want to stop the game from getting as good as it can possibly get.

"I start with making the base of the game and then feeling it and playing it and then the iterative process starts to make it into something cooler than I could have thought at the beginning. You know, there's a lot there, but it's just the springboard for a ton of other stuff".

We also asked about when fans can see the game as it is currently on pause. "Well the campaign is on pause, right", he emphasised. "So we basically paused the campaign because people wanted to see a gameplay demo, so the game's not on pause because we've been making the gameplay demo and so it's looking really good and we're going to...

"I'm not sure when we can show it because there are other people involved in the decision-making process now, so we have not tried to make a decision about who and when we can show it, but we are still making the game and it is turning out really good and we're excited to put together a video, and someone's going to be seeing, but I'm not sure who".

PC-focussed shooter Blackroom was originally launched on Kickstarter but the campaign was pulled when it became clear that players wanted to see more of the game before stumping up their cash.

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