Doom and Doom II receive a substantial new patch

Widescreen support and gyro controls are among the new features added.

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With Doom fans still hungering for the upcoming Ancient Gods DLC, ID Software has gone back and has tinkered with the ports of Doom and Doom II which launched last year.

Via a patch released on September 3, widescreen support is now available for both titles, so now you enjoy the bloody action by utilising the entirety of your TV screen. Gyro aim has also been added on PC, PS4, and Switch enabling you to use your controlled to aim. Do note, however, that you need to have a DualShock 4 plugged in to use this feature on PC.

Alongside these headlining features, the Back to Saturn X campaign is now available in the original Doom, and a new skill level, known as Ultra-Violence+ has been added.

Cynics may question why these features weren't added to begin with, but we are just pleased to see that improvements are being made this long after launch.

Thanks, Gamespot.


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