Life is Strange

Dontnod on story, time, and wanting a sequel to Life is Strange

We talked to the studio about the brilliant episodic adventure.

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Life is Strange, one of 2015's standout titles, is the subject of this post-launch interview with Dontnod, which took place in the hours before the BAFTA Game Awards in London in April. We talked to co-director Michel Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano about the studio's episodic masterpiece.

One of the many things discussed was the unique time-bending mechanic used in the game, which turned out to be a natural fit for the episodic adventure series. However, Cano and Koch explained how they were told that they had utilise the mechanic which was first seen in another game from the studio, Remember Me.

"It was the first stone that shaped all of the castle," writer Jean-Luc Cano explained. "So the gameplay and the narration was relatively close from the beginning."

"It made sense to make a game about choice and consequences," Koch added, "because it's really interesting to question this idea of 'should I try to fix everything, should I try each time I have an outcome that I don't like, I got back in time and I try to fix it to have a perfect life.' Which is at the end one of the main themes of the game, that you cannot have, and sometimes you just have to accept the sacrifice, accept that sometimes not everything will be completely perfect, and move on with your life if you want to grow up... It was interesting because we had this, I think this good blend between the gameplay, the storytelling, and the message of the game."

Finally, we had to ask whether the team wanted to follow up on the events that transpired in Arcadia Bay.

"There is a desire," says Koch, "we loved working on Life is Strange, and we'll have to see what happens next. But it's really too early to talk about it."

After speaking with us in London, the Dontnod team's work was recognised at the BAFTA Games Awards, where they were awarded "Best Story" at the prestigious event. You can read our review of Life is Strange here to find out why we think the award was thoroughly deserved.

Life is StrangeLife is StrangeLife is Strange

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