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Dontnod on future Life is Strange games: "We have ideas"

Writer Jean-Luc Cano said that they're just focusing on Episode 5 of Life is Strange 2 for now though.

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Dontnod followed Life is Strange with a sequel that's currently in full swing, having just received Episode 4 last month, and with Before the Storm as a prequel too, we asked writer Jean-Luc Cano and co-creative director Michel Koch at Gamescom about whether they consider Life is Strange as a series.

"To be honest, we are not thinking this way, because making one game is very difficult," Cano said. "So at the end of the first Life is Strange we didn't know we are going to make Life is Strange 2, but the game worked really well, so basically Square Enix - our publisher - told us 'okay, if you have a good story, let's make Life is Strange 2', so we had to think about Life is Strange as a series, you know, and not as a standalone game."

"We don't know yet if we are going to make Life is Strange 3, because we are currently working on Episode 5, but yeah, we have ideas, we have stuff we want to tell, new subjects we want to tackle. So yeah, maybe, we don't know what will be our future."

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Life is Strange 2

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