Dontnod Entertainment is delving into the world of third-party publishing

The studio will first publish an upcoming project from Danish studio PortaPlay.

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Dontnod Entertainment, the studio that is responsible for delivering narrative-driven hits such as Life is Strange and Twin Mirror, has announced that it will be moving into the world of third-party publishing. The studio's first publishing effort will be an upcoming yet-to-be-titled "original creation" from Danish studio PortaPlay.

Xavier Spinat, Head of Publishing at Dontnod, said: "As a publisher, we want to offer players experiences that are both accessible to the wider audience, while setting the bar high regarding themes and quality of design. From our first discussions with PortaPlay, it became clear to us that co-producing and publishing this original creation would allow us to expand our portfolio with a game complementary to our in-house productions, while remaining true to our DNA. We will be able to bring to our partner our know-how and our knowledge of the market, in line with our communities' expectations."

Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Head of Development at PortaPlay, said: "We feel called to work on games with meaning. Games combining solid game mechanics and storytelling - about individuals in crisis situations tackling moral dilemmas. This new partnership is thus a great opportunity to us. Not only does it give us the opportunity to communicate with all the fans of Dontnod's fantastic catalogue of games, but it also allows us to work with some of the best minds in this field - to help us improve our game and give the players the greatest experience possible!"

According to a press release that we have received, more information about this upcoming project and future collaborations will be revealed soon.

Dontnod Entertainment is delving into the world of third-party publishing

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