Don't worry Deltarune fans, Toby Fox isn't burned out

If anything, he's on fire apparently.

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Acclaimed creator of Undertale and Deltarune Toby Fox has given fans a promising update regarding the game's upcoming chapters. While the full release is still far away, work is heating up on the rest of the game.

As Fox wrote in a newsletter, some new people have been brought onto the team, which is allowing work to go quicker than ever. "We are on track to meet our internal deadline. The new hires are already making a great difference to improve the atmosphere and feel of the chapter. I feel really good about this, champ," Fox writes.

Further down the post, in Fox's conclusion, he addresses the point of burnout. "I don't want anyone to burn out waiting for this," he writes. "But... we haven't burned out making it yet! Actually, the opposite!! We're on fire!! A lot!!"

So, even if the end isn't yet in sight, Fox is still burning through the midnight oil with his team to get Chapters 3, 4, and 5, ready to release in one.


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