Don't expect Netflix to adapt Hades into a movie or TV series soon

Supergiant is very focussed on just developing games, particularly Hades titles, at the moment.

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With the every growing number of video game adaptations in the TV and film space, and considering Supergiant Games is bringing Hades to Netflix as a mobile title this March, the question as to whether the streamer will look to adapt the beloved roguelike into a different medium has of course become quite a popular topic.

However, just because people are interested in the idea of a Hades show or film doesn't mean that Supergiant has any intention to explore that avenue right now. In fact, speaking at a roundtable, creative director Greg Kasavin specifically addressed this question and shot it down.

"It's a fun question. I mean, we always... we love making video games, 'games' is right in the name of Supergiant Games, and that was very deliberate, we're not Supergiant Entertainment or something like that, we made a very deliberate choice.

"We tell the kind of stories that we think are suitable for games in particular, but we do put a lot into the worlds of our games and the characters, and we're always really, really happy to see them resonate. We draw tons of inspiration from film and animation, always have. Myself, as the writer of our games, animation is very formative for me, stories I grew up with. It's one of those things we certainly give some thought to from time-to-time, but we've always given it some thought over the past 15 years and that doesn't necessarily mean that the right opportunity presents itself.

"It's one of those things, it's interesting to see certainly, just as a fan of games, as a fan of other media, it's been gratifying to see successful adaptations of games, from things like The Super Mario Bros. to The Last of Us, and Dota: Dragon's Blood and Arcane, and stuff like that. So, it's great to see this type of thing happening, though what that means for us is too early to say."

Essentially, don't hold your breath on Netflix adapting Hades into anything beyond a game anytime soon.


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