Don't expect Inxile's next RPG for "quite a long time."

Inxile founder Brian Fargo has teased that it won't be until 2022 at the earliest.

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Inxile led by Brian Fargo is one of the best RPG makers out there, delivering well written storylines with great dialogue and choices that actually do matter. Last year, we got a prime example of this when they launched Wasteland 3 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

But, back in 2018, they were actually bought by Microsoft and are nowadays a part of Xbox Game Studios, and we know they have grown a lot, built a new studio and that they are working on a new RPG. So, when will we get to enjoy this?

Well, unfortunately not for quite some time. This was revealed on Twitter where Brian Fargo wrote:

"I know that teasing is cruel but I am so excited about the visuals, design and writing for our next big game. Unfortunately you won't see what I see for quite a long time."

Later, Fargo also replied to the question if it will be revealed later this year, by simply writing "longer....", so don't expect to see it until 2022 at the very earliest. At least, it sounds like it will be something to look forward to as Fargo is "so excited about the visuals, design and writing".

Don't expect Inxile's next RPG for "quite a long time."
Image from Wasteland 3.

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