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Don't expect GPUs to get cheaper anytime soon

Nvidia's CEO has said that price drops are "a story of the past".

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Just a few days ago, Nvidia revealed the RTX 4000 series of GPUs, and lifted the curtain on the October-launching RTX 4090, and the November-debuting RTX 4080. But with this new generation of tech on its way, the question as to whether the RTX 3000 series or earlier will continue to dip in price has been raised.

During a Q&A session, reported on by Digital Trends, Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang has said that this will likely never happen again.

"Moore's Law is dead. [...] A 12-inch wafer is a lot more expensive today. The idea that the chip is going to go down in price is a story of the past."

Huang suggested that the increasing level of performance of technology and the continually increasing price of components will mean that GPU prices will likely remain high going forward. Essentially, don't expect to get your hands on a new RTX 3000 or 4000 series GPU for a steal anytime soon.

Don't expect GPUs to get cheaper anytime soon

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