Hogwarts Legacy

Don't expect any major additions to Hogwarts Legacy this summer

Instead just expect a "small way" for the development team to show appreciation for the incredible reception of the game.

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Back in January, we reported that Hogwarts Legacy was getting "additional updates and features for the game". Amongst other things, this includes the previously PlayStation exclusive The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop, the quest Minding Your Own Business and Shopkeeper Cosmetic Set now coming for PC, Switch and Xbox.

But there would be other things as well, and since then, fans have speculated what this could be - with some having really lofty expectations of things to come. But we should probably dial the hype down a notch (or even two), as Avalanche's community manager now says on X that she wants to "set some expectations for what we are working on", adding that the "original wording of "additional updates and features for the game" was very intentional".

She adds that what we're getting is "a small way of us showing appreciation to our players for the amazing reception to the game", meaning that we probably shouldn't hope for some massive DLC, new graphics, new areas or anything like that. Just have reasonable expectations, and you'll be a happy wizard or witch when the update arrives this summer.

While it doesn't seem like we're ever going to get DLC for Hogwarts Legacy, it was revealed earlier this week via a job listing that the development of the next game has already started, and that it likely will be built with Epic Games' latest game engine.

Hogwarts Legacy

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