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Dolmen is back on Kickstarter

Cosmic horror makes a second appeal to the community.

Massive Works hit Kickstarter earlier this year but failed to attract the funding they were after from the community. The setback had the developers reevaluate before turning up at Gamescom with a new build of their game, Dolmen, and now they're back on the crowdfunding platform in search of the finances needed to launch the game on Steam.

This time the studio is asking for a more modest £11.5K to bring the game out of alpha and into Early Access via an open beta version that includes one six-hour chapter.

"For our Kickstarter Reboot, we are asking for 15K USD as a base goal because we want to bring Dolmen from its current alpha build to a full-fledged polished 'Open Beta' build on Windows PC via Steam. Chapter 1 with an estimated 6 hours of gameplay, will be a truly 'xenomorphic' map full of monsters, challenges, various equipment, and plot," writes producer Pedro Bastos.

If cosmic horror with a Lovecraftian twist in ARPG form sounds like your jam, it could well be one to check out over on Kickstarter. If you're interested you can also see it in action via the new gameplay trailer below.

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