Disney Illusion Island

Dlala Studios CEO on working with Disney on Illusion Island: "I don't think I've heard the word 'no'"

We caught up with AJ Grand-Scrutton to learn more about the upcoming 2D platformer.

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At the end of this month, developer Dlala Studios will be launching its Disney 2D Metroidvania platformer, Disney Illusion Island. This adorable game will be bringing together four of Disney's most famous characters, with those being Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, all in an adventure where they are tasked with saving the world from disaster.

To see what it was like to create a game based on these iconic characters, I had the chance to speak with Dlala's creative director and CEO, AJ Grand-Scrutton, where I asked specifically what it was like teaming up and working with Disney.

"It's been absolutely fantastic. And I'd love to pretend that's a marketing shill, but no, it's true," Grand-Scrutton told me. "It's been this wonderful, like, caring, collaborative relationship because, you know, the whole thing from the start was we wanted to make a game that only Dlala and Disney could make together. And so the Dlala part and the Disney part are both so important there. And Disney really helped us to figure out the tone and the voices of these characters because, you know, these are iconic characters. They're four of the most famous cartoon characters ever created. So getting to work with them closely on that and figure out the tone of voice. And, you know, when we're working on the new designs for the characters, understanding why they look like they do already. Yeah. And it's just been wonderful. They've really supported us in just trying to make the vision of the game we wanted to.

"The weirdest thing is, I don't think I've heard the word no. Well, not yet, at least. So, yeah, no, it's just been a wonderful collaboration."

Disney Illusion Island

Grand-Scrutton then went into detail about working with the authentic original voice actors for the characters.

"Like when they told me, first of all, when they said we could do the fully voiced cutscenes, I was over the moon. When they told me we'd get to use the authentic voice actors," he stated.

"So I just had these surreal moments where I'd be like zooming into a recording session and it'd be Bill Farmer doing Goofy and Bill's been Goofy since like the mid 80s. So like that's my Goofy. That's Goofy movie Goofy. That's the Goofy I grew up with. And I got to watch my Goofy reading a script that I'd written. And you sit there and you're like, this is my job. Like someone has paid me money to do this. Like I'd pay money to do it myself."

You can catch our full interview with Grand-Scrutton below, where we talk about making Disney Illusion Island a game for fans of all ages, on top of the challenges of creating completely new Disney worlds.


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