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Dizzy retires from Apex Legends

He won't be competing professionally anymore, and will instead focus on streaming Respawn's game.

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Colby 'Dizzy' Meadows is an Apex Legends player who's represented esports organisation NRG Esports, but now he's revealed that he won't be competing professionally anymore, instead choosing to focus his time on streaming.

He explains that he's played the game constantly since release, but that streams have been inconsistent recently. He wants to reassess his priorities and passions, and that's why he's focusing on streaming again by leaving NRG and retiring from professional play.

His teammate Brandon 'Ace' Winn said the following message in the replies:

"Gonna miss you a lot homie, I'm incredibly proud of how far you've come. best of luck in everything you do."

Will you miss Dizzy?

Apex Legends

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