Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin sells 500k, next game considered

"So much for turn-based fantasy RPGs not selling," says Larian.

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Larian Studios has confirmed that Kickstarted turn-based RPG, Divinity: Original Sin, has sold "well over" half a million copies since it was properly released at the end of June.

"Our debts have been paid and we are now in the profitable zone," said Larian chief Swen Vincke. "While not all of the money is for us as we had private investors on board, the game did sufficiently well for us to envision funding our next endeavors with it, meaning we're pretty happy about its performance.

"So much for turn-based fantasy RPGs not selling, crowdfunding not working and a developer like us not being capable of bringing a game to market without the help of seasoned publishers."

Vencke also confirmed that the studio will supporting Original Sin "for quite some time", and suggested they were also experimenting with controller support for a Big Screen version of the game with co-op play. He also went on to discuss the future for the studio, and said the following (without really revealing anything):

"The foreseeable future for Larian (i.e. the next couple of years) is going to see us making further progress in improving our RPG craft and creating dense game worlds with hopefully new and innovative gameplay systems based on old school values. These last months I've been very busy expanding our development force so that we can continue to compete in tomorrow's market."

They won't, however, be heading back to Kickstarter, not unless they absolutely have to: "I think the crowdfunding pool is limited and it should be fished in by those who really need it. Since we now can, I think we should first invest ourselves and then see if we need extra funds to fuel our ambitions. Only then it makes sense to look at crowd funding."

Divinity: Original Sin

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