Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II gets physical Switch release

Limited Run is collaborating with Larian Studios to release Divinity: Original Sin II physically for the Switch.

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Limited Run, known for its vinyl- and physical releases of various video games, recently announced its collaboration with Larian Studios. Larian and Limited Run have opened up pre-orders for a physical edition of the fantastic isometric RPG Divinity: Original Sin II for the Nintendo Switch. The edition comes with "tons of DLC", Beauty Salon, Song of Nature and Order & Magic having been confirmed on the cartridge and a 52-page full-colour manual and a colour interior print. The cartridge is also region free and will set you back $59.99, should you choose to pre-order it today.

As per usual, the Limited Run pre-order is just that, a limited run, so if you're looking to grab one for yourself, make sure to not wait too long in the decision-making process. Pre-orders close for good on Friday, January 3 and while the site doesn't specify when the product will be shipped, it does state that it "2 - 4 months after the preorder window closes".

Divinity: Original Sin II

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