Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin enters beta

New content arrives, including more than 400 improvements.

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Larian Studios has just pushed Divinity: Original Sin, the Kickstarted iso-RPG, into beta with a big stack of new content and tweaks/improvements. A new trailer goes through the broad strokes, and the press release went into a little more detail.

The game, which is currently available to buy via Steam Early Access, features single and co-op play. There's already a portion of the campaign, with additional content coming with the beta, and the last batch set to land when the game is finally released.

Here's the new trailer and Larian's list of noteworthy improvements:


28 exciting new talents, including such fun things like the Lone Wolf perk, which gives a player super abilities, but makes it impossible for him or her to hire companions.

More than 60 new skills, allowing for a new brand of synergies, such as combining the Invisibility skill with Pickpocketing

A new witchcraft skill tree that can be combined with other skills to deadly effect

New areas to explore , new foes to fight, new items to find & new secrets to discover

A brand new character creation screen with new presets such as the Shadowblade or the Wayfarer, and an enormous amount of customisation options.

More environmental interactions - you can smash or burn doors, pickpocket characters & use staffs to electrify pools of water. Or how about burning wooden chests to get the loot inside?

Improved AI, user interface, graphics, loading times, performance and stability mean playing Divinity: Original Sin has never been this smooth

A truckload of new sound effects & music tracks

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