Kingdom Hearts III

Disney rumoured to be producing a Kingdom Hearts TV series

Disney could be bringing Square Enix's beloved Kingdom Hearts universe to the small screen.

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Disney is working on several new projects for the (in select regions) recently launched service Disney+, and it seems like one of them could potentially be a TV series based on Kingdom Hearts. There have been several sources for this, and one of them is Emre Kaya from Cinema Spot, who writes on Twitter:

"There is a #KingdomHearts series in the works at Disney+.

Disney originally wanted to make it but that didn't work out, so Square Enix was asked to create a pilot using Unreal Engine.

This series is most likely not live-action, but CG animated. They're currently casting."

Skyler Shuler from The Disney Insider also claims this is true, and tweets:

"Been tagged in Jeremys post (which is true), so here's what I know:

-Kingdom Hearts will be a Disney+ series, not a movie.

-It's animated (CG)

-Disney VO actors are expected to reprise their roles (Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo)

All I know."

The last major release in the series was Kingdom Hearts III from last year, which was received exceptionally well from both gamers and media. The series is known for having a very intricate story, that we absolutely could see as a good fit for a TV series.

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Kingdom Hearts III

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