Disney+ now has 95 million subscribers

A new goal of reaching 230-260 million subscribers by 2024 has been set.

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Disney aimed high with Disney+, as they should considering all the powerful brands they own, like Marvel, Star Wars and The Simpsons, as well as everything Disney/Pixar related. The ambitious goal was to reach 90 million customers in four years. But one might say Disney has performed better that that.

After only a little more that a year on the market (with most countries only having Disney+ for a couple of months), they have now revealed that they had a whopping 94.9 million subscribers as of January 2. As a result, they have severely adjusted the new goal for 2024 to 230-260 million subscribers.

With all upcoming Star Wars projects, movies like Pixar's Soul being launched straight to Disney+ and the new channel Star - it really doesn't seem too farfetched that Disney will reach the goal and be the biggest competitor to Netflix yet.

Disney+ now has 95 million subscribers

Thanks Variety

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